Summer 2018

Saturday 30th June, 7pm – Worship Night
We invite you to come for an evening set aside for us to honour God through prayer and worship. Feel free to bring your friends along.

Small Groups on Summer Break
Over the summer, we would encourage you to pray and find a couple people to read the Bible with and meet up to chat about what you are reading.

1. Pick a time and place to meet that works most weeks.
2. Pick a book of the Bible. Read as much or as little as you would like, just stick to a goal together.
3. Meet up and chat about what you read. Share insights, questions, and what God is speaking to you. What does He want you to do to apply what you read?
4. Take the opportunity to pray for each other throughout the week. It is great to have people you know you can ask to pray for you.

Shipwrecked Kids Camp
Elevate is hosting a Kids Camp for children ages 4-12.  

Family Fun Day  30 July 4:30-7:30pm:    A fun-filled family event with BBQ and Bouncy Castles. We will kick off our Kids Camp with a day of summer fun for everyone.  

Kids Camp 31 July - 3 Aug 10am-12pm:    Four days of activities and fun helping kids discover and understand that Jesus cares about them personally, and rescues them in life's toughest circumstances.  

Family Sunday  5th August, Two Service Times 10:30am & 12:00pm:   During our regular meeting times we will be talking about family and will hold our kids classes to keep the fun going from the week.  

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